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We are church lectern specialists.

We design, make and sell church lecterns. This is our website for the UK and the EU/ Europe. For other countries see the links on the right hand side.

We have a small UK office and warehouse run by Mike and Jill Groves. This is to make it quicker for our UK and EU/ European customers.
Our UK customers do not need to pay VAT.
EU customers:
Since Brexit, some European Union countries are charging VAT/ sales tax/ Mehrwertsteuer, Some are not. You may need to pay VAT to your country’s customs as it arrives.

Please order on this website, or alternatively contact Mike Groves directly- from within the UK telephone:
07810 714 291 or 07941 338487. From outside the UK telephone +44 7810 714291 or +44 7941 338487

If you see something on the Australian website, that is not on the UK website, you can of course order it directly from Australia. You just might need to pay VAT / sales tax when it comes into your country.

If you are in Europe, but not in the EU (for example Switzerland), then you can either order from this website or from You will probably need to pay sales tax (and in some cases duty) when it enters your country. This is set by your government and out of our control so you will need to pay it.

We make our lecterns and church furniture to pack flat and be easily assembled. Assembly takes 5-15 minutes. This makes freight cheaper and means they are less likely to be damaged in transit.

We use a door to door courier. We will e-mail you tracking after your order is sent. The delivery address needs to be attended during office hours. Sorry- we can't deliver to PO boxes.
Our lecterns are not heavy like regular furniture. They are easy to carry- so if you were to get it sent to your work address, you could possibly take it home with you. Our lectern box will easily fit across the back seat of a very small car.


Freight Prices

UK Europe
£0-50 order total £10 £20
£50-250 order total £20 £40
£250+ order total £20 £40

Freight Times

UK Europe
Standard freight 2-3 days 4-7 days
- EU/Europe: May take extra time to clear customs in your country.
- Europe: the fastest freight times are to France, Holland, Germany
- Freight times are a guide only. Times may vary.

1. Privacy
- We won't give your details to anyone.
- We don't keep your credit card details. Our friend Danny who did this website also works for large corporate customers and insisted on the highest level of security for us.
2. Payment
If you are paying by credit card
- We don't charge credit card fees.
- If your credit card doesn't work, this is probably because your bank is suspicious and has refused the payment. Please call your bank and ask them to allow it, then try again.
If you are paying by Bank Transfer or Electronic transfer or BACS transfer in £ (British Pounds)
(This account is located in the UK)
Account name: Procson
Sort Code: 403426 (HSBC,101 St James St, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 1HX )
Account number: 31686704
If you are paying from outside the UK, you will need this:
IBAN: GB42HBUK40342631686704
If you are paying by cheque
- Please make cheques payable to 'Procson'.
  Personal and church/ company cheques in GBP (British Pounds) all ok.
- Please send/ post to the address above.
3. Timing
- Orders are normally sent within 48 hours.
- We use a  door to door freight service. We try to make it as easy as possible (we know you are going to tell your friends about it!).
- We will e-mail tracking when your order is sent.
- Shipping times- Normal freight takes about 2-7 days. Express freight is quicker. See the  freight times chart on the 'How to Buy' page on our website for more details.
4. Duties and taxes-
UK/European Union

We have a small UK office- and warehouse- so anything you order from this website will be sent from the UK.
If you order from and you are in the UK, your order will be sent out from the UK, so you will not be charged VAT.
If you order from and you are in the EU, your order will be sent out from the UK.
Since Brexit, some EU countries are charging VAT/ Mehrwertsteuer/ sales tax. Some are not charging this. You will possibly need to pay VAT to your country’s customs as it arrives.
We keep our most popular items in stock in the UK. If you see something on your Australian website that is not on the UK website, you can order from This will be sent from Australia however- so you may need to pay VAT or sales tax. This is charged by your government. Unfortunately this is out of our control, so you will need to pay it.
Other European countries (not EU) (for example Switzerland)
You can order from or
In this case you may be charged VAT or sales tax (Mehrwertsteuer) etc. This is charged by your government. Unfortunately this is out of our control, so you will need to pay it.
5. Terms and Conditions
- Payment due before goods are sent.
- Goods will become wholly the property of the purchaser when full payment has cleared.
- Every effort has been made to ensure our products are safe to use, however as our products are used in circumstances beyond our control, we cannot accept any liability for the product or consequences of the use of the product.
6. Packing
The box is long and thin with a handle.
Our church lecterns pack flat. This makes them cheaper to send and avoids damage in transit (can you imagine how big the box would need to be if they didn't pack down- there would be so much air!). The box is surprisingly small. For example, the Arc lectern fits into a box 104cm long x 8cm wide x 52cm high (41" long x 3 " wide x 21" high). The Arc church lecterns and tables are easy to assemble. A Korean customer once commented that the person assembling theirs couldn't read the instructions (they couldn't speak english), but had it assembled in less than 10 minutes.
If you are attending the Hillsong conference, Colour conference, or are otherwise in Sydney, let us know. We can arrange to get one of our church lecterns to you, so you can check it in for your return flight. Because the box has a handle, and is relatively small, it is easy to take with you.
7. Countries other than the UK/ Europe
USA customers:
UK customers:
New Zealand:
Australia and rest of the world:
- We have dedicated USA website- This has a USA domiciled credit card facility to avoid problems. (it took us many years to get this established- the US security laws are very strict)
- Duties: Australia has a free trade agreement with the USA (AUSFTA), so we do not expect there to be any duty charged by US customs. To our knowledge, none of our numerous US customers have been charged duty.
- Sales tax: we don’t charge sales tax. US customs may want to charge it (on behalf of your state).
- If you are a church: to avoid state sales tax, you may need to mention your sales tax exemption number if you have one. If you have it easily available, please include this in the comments section above or e-mail this to us (then we can include it on the customs declaration). It is mostly not needed, but can be helpful just in case.
- If you are a business: you may need to pay sales tax, but you can claim it back like you would other sales tax expenses when you do your tax return. 
- If buying as an individual: you may need to pay it.
We find it is rare however, that customers need to pay sales tax.
We suggest you order from The Australian dollar and Canadian dollar are normally very close in value.
If you prefer, you can still order from in USD.
Either way, your order will be sent from Australia.
You may need to pay Canadian GST (about 5%) to the Canadian government. You can normally claim this back from the government at tax time (as you would for other things you buy).
We make our pulpits in Australia!
Please order from
New Zealand
The owner (Stephen Procter) grew up in NZ and knows what it is like as a Kiwi trying to order from overseas, so we have a special website for NZ customers. Please order from if you are paying by internet transfer
or if you are paying by credit card (Hint- you get a better exchange rate if you order at and pay by internet transfer).
Other countries; Singapore, HK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria+ Africa, South Africa, South America (Argentina/ Brazil/ Chilie/ Mexico)
We suggest you order from
If you prefer, you can still order from, or
African countries: we send often to countries like Nigeria. Please order from
South American countries sometimes have high duties/ taxes. If you have questions about this please contact us.
Many South American churches order from or We then send their pulpit to the USA (to a friend). They collect it and take it back by plane or car.
Are you from a high duty country- are you visiting the UK or Australia? or do you have a friend in the USA?
If you are going to South America, Africa, or another country with high duties, you might want to take a lectern with you. Many customers also take pulpits with them home from the UK or Australia. Other customers get their pulpit sent to a friend in the USA, then collect it from there . This works well because the box is easy to carry and not heavy (it has a handle).
A lectern is 12kg in a box (size 104cm x 8cm x 52cm). You can easily check this in with the airline (like a suitcase).
An water table is approximately 8kg in a box (72 x 8 x 52cm). You can easily check this in with the airline as you would your suitcases. 
99% of the time your government won't charge duties/ taxes at the airport when you arrive home. We have many customers who do this. We always travel with pulpits when going overseas.
tel 07810 714 291
tel (int) +44 7810 714 291
13 Pine Tree Close, Cowes
Isle of Wight, PO31 8DX, UK

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