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We design, make and sell church lecterns for contemporary, modern churches. This is our website for our lecterns in the UK and Europe

Welcome to our website. Procson church lecterns are made in Sydney Australia. Starting out, I worked for a Sydney industrial design consultancy. I left to work as a freelance designer. I won the newcomers award at the Milan furniture fair. By this time I had a lot of experience in making things. I found that some things can be outsourced to other countries (like Asia), others not. Products that require skill need to be made locally in a country with a history of manufacturing to keep the quality high. They also need to be made under close supervision. You can't expect a good job unless you are there to check it.
Sydney has a unique combination of demanding local churches (like Hillsong church), skilled workers in metal and technology.
For this reason, our church pulpits are made by us here in Australia in our own small factory. We also use outside engineers who do things that we can‘t.
I remember my first time in the UK and Europe. I was amazed by the number of buildings that had been built hundreds of years before. This was compared to New Zealand and Australia where buildings are historical if they are more than 100 years old.
The UK has both a very strong traditional style and a very strong modern style. The UK also seems to combine these two styles in a tasteful manner. We see our stainless steel and clear acrylic lecterns tastefully used in historical buildings like the Holy Trinity Brompton. Part of the secret is using the materials in their purest and most natural form. The natural brushed stainless steel and clear acrylic of the Arc lecterns do not dominate against the traditional buildings. The stainless steel subtly reflects the surrounding surfaces and the clear acrylic allows the eye to pass through it. In this way it is not in competition with the traditional interiors.
Likewise, the Arc church lecterns work well in modern church buildings. The minimal slimline style is inherently modern and allows the congregation to concentrate on the preacher, rather than on the lectern.
Our lecterns look simple but a lot of effort and skill is required to get the crisp look that we achieve. This is important because it is going on your stage and we expect you to have it for a long time. As the Apple computer designers say ‘it is a lot of work to make something look simple’
We concentrate on designing and making the best possible lecterns. After all, we are church lectern specialists. The Arc lectern has improved a lot since I first designed it and began to make them. They are 35% less heavy and 2.4x more stable than the first versions.
We make our lecterns in Australia using the best possible materials and craftspeople. We are fussy. If it costs more to make but it is better, we will spend the money. As a result, our lecterns are not cheap to make.
Our small office in the UK is run by Mike and Jill, my wife's parents. Mike and Jill are active member of a small local church, so they are familiar with the day to day running of a church. Mike previously worked in Aerospace so he is very familiar with the mechanical nature of the lecterns.
We ship our most popular lecterns to Mike and Jill. They store them for sale in the UK and Europe. If you see something on the Australian website, that is not on the UK website, you can of course order it directly from Australia. You just might need to pay VAT / sales tax when it comes into your country.
This UK office has 3 advantages:
1. speed- you can get your lectern faster
2. If you are in the  EU- you will avoid VAT/ duties/ sales tax/ MWST. We have already paid the duty when we import them into the UK. Goods generally travel duty/ sales tax  free within the EU. Even when Britain leaves the EU, there will probably be a free trade agreement so we expect this to continue.
3. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong- there is local help.
For other countries see the links on the right hand side.
We are based in Sydney Australia- why have a dedicated UK website?- well a large number of the lecterns we make are sent to the UK and Europe.
We also want to make this as economical as possible for our customers- since most of them are churches.
Is you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ring Mike on 07810 714 291 or 07941 338487. From outside the UK telephone  +44 7810 714291 or +44 7941 338487
Kind regards,
Stephen Procter
Owner and Head Designer - Procson Pulpits.

tel 07810 714 291
tel (int) +44 7810 714 291
13 Pine Tree Close, Cowes
Isle of Wight, PO31 8DX, UK

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