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Communion Tray

About this Communion Tray:

Several years ago, our designer and owner Stephen Procter was given an old style gold communion tray by Hillsong Church and asked to design something more modern. This was the result!

With it’s anodised aluminium plate, impact resistant acrylic base and peanut shape, it was a radical departure from the traditional gold, silver and wooden communion trays. Originally made in limited batches, they have since been revamped for mass production.

More about this Communion Tray:

The kind of cups, which fit the tray, are the ones sold by most church supply stores (normally $20-$30 per 1000.)

These are approximately 2-3cm in diameter and 3cm high. Glasses of this size can also be used. The centre of the tray is where you can place bread/wafers/crackers which have been broken or cut up into small pieces.
The trays are stackable. We recommend stacking them up to 6 high although we have seen fully laden trays stacked 20 high and carried with ease! A pip on each foot of the tray fits in to the tray below helping to keep them safely in place.
Each tray is 22.5cm long x 42cm wide x 4cm high. We recommend rinsing the trays by hand, as opposed to putting them in a dishwasher. This will preserve the plastic. 
Communion Tray



Freight Prices

UK Europe
£0-50 order total £10 £20
£50-250 order total £20 £40
£250+ order total £20 £40

Freight Times

UK Europe
Standard freight 2-3 days 4-7 days
- EU/Europe: May take extra time to clear customs in your country.
- Europe: the fastest freight times are to France, Holland, Germany
- Freight times are a guide only. Times may vary.

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