Pulpit Perspex

Replacement top for Arc2 Pulpit - 70cm/28" wide - AR Film

About this top:


1. 70cm/28" wide (not 60cm/24" wide)

2. Has Anti Reflective Film on it (not like a clear window). What is anti reflective film? Click here to find out. 

3. For Arc2 (newer) pulpit. This means that the badge at the top DOES say c201. The badge is the shiny disk in the middle of the top with 'PROCSON NEW GENERATION PULPITS' on it.

More information:

We know that accidents happen. In the unlikely event that your lectern top is broken or damaged, you can purchase a replacement top.
The top comes with a tool to change it over. This takes less than 5 minutes.

3 things you need to know when buying a replacement top:

1. Is the top 60cm/ 24" wide or 70cm/ 28" wide?
If you have a 70cm/28"wide top and would like to change down to a 60cm/24"wide top, that is fine. If you have a 60cm wide top, it is best not to change to a 70cm wide top. It will fit, but it will not be as stable.

2. Do you need AR film on the top?
Anti reflective film (stops reflection onto a projector screen if you have one) is $90 extra per item if you need it.
Click here for diagram. 
It doesn't matter if your broken top is clear (like a window) or anti reflective (film with slight texture).
You can choose either a clear or anti reflective replacement top.

3. Please can you check the badge at the top (this is the round metal disk in the middle of the top with 'Procson New Generation Pulpits' on it)
does it say:
If it does NOT say c201, this means you have  Arc1- the earlier version.
This means you have an Arc2 (later) version.

Why is this important?
When we changed from making the Arc1 to making the Arc2, we changed the mounting holes to make it stronger. Arc1 tops will not fit on Arc2 pulpits.

top A2 70ar
Replacement top for Arc2 Pulpit - 70cm/28" wide - AR Film



Freight Prices

UK Europe
£0-50 order total £10 £10
£50-250 order total £10 £30
£250+ order total £20 £30

Freight Times

UK Europe
Standard freight 2-3 days 4-7 days
- EU/Europe: May take extra time to clear customs in your country.
- Europe: the fastest freight times are to France, Holland, Germany
- Freight times are a guide only. Times may vary.

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