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Arc2 Pulpit - 60cm/24" wide - anti reflective film

About this church lectern:

This is the Arc2 lectern with anti reflective film.

The minimalist, sleek and elegant design of this lectern has made it Australia’s best selling modern church lectern. The anti reflective film stops reflections onto a projector screen if you have one.  Click here for more information on anti reflective film. Found in churches all over the world, the Arc2 pulpit works in both traditional and modern settings.
Using radial brushed stainless steel with a factory applied anti reflective film plastic scratch resistant top, this lectern is both functional and beautiful. This size will fit easily into a car and is perfect for television broadcasts because the anti reflective film eliminates reflections, which may occur from stage lighting. Requires assembly (tool provided). Arc pulpits are exported all over the world. See below for prices and freight.

More about this church lectern:

This lectern is popular with churches that need to bump in and out of a venue each week.

The smaller top allows it to be carried through doorways more easily and it conveniently fits into a car back seat. This Arc2 pulpit has all the advantages of the improvements we have made over the years (i.e. it is more rigid, lighter, more stable on uneven surfaces than the Arc1 pulpit). We highly recommend this pulpit if you have a projector screen behind the preacher because is will prevent light reflecting off the lectern top onto the screen. You can test for this by turning on your stage lights and holding an old style (shiny) CD case where the lectern top would be. If you get unsightly reflections, you need the film. 

If purchasing this lectern, we highly recommend that you also purchase a cover (see the "you might be interested in" section below) which will help to prolong the life of the lectern top, when not in use. A cover is essential if the lectern is going to be moved around, as it helps to prevent scratches and dust. 


A black version of this lectern is available from our Australian website. An Arc2 church lectern is also available with microphone mounts. Our best selling items are kept in stock in the UK but a wider range is available from Bear in mind, ordering from our Australian website may take longer for shipping and you will need to pay VAT to HM Customs as it enters the UK.
A2 60ar
Arc2 Pulpit - 60cm/24" wide - anti reflective film



Freight Prices

UK Europe
£0-50 order total £10 £20
£50-250 order total £20 £40
£250+ order total £20 £40

Freight Times

UK Europe
Standard freight 2-3 days 4-7 days
- EU/Europe: May take extra time to clear customs in your country.
- Europe: the fastest freight times are to France, Holland, Germany
- Freight times are a guide only. Times may vary.

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About this pulpit cover - 60cm/24" wide:

Most churches order a cover for the lectern to help protect the top when it’s not in use.

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About this Pulpit Cleaner: 

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